Study: In the cost of living crisis, Romanians are the most willing to share assets with their partner

In time for Valentine’s Day, HMD Global, the company that owns the Nokia phone license, is releasing a new study that reveals that food and technology are the things we’re most willing to share with a life partner. Food tops the list with 58% , followed by phone chargers with 48%.

It’s no surprise that most people (65%) are more willing, due to the crisis in the cost of everyday living, to share essential or everyday items with their loved ones. This rises to 74% for Millennials, who are the most likely to share overall, and drops to 45% for Baby Boomers, who are at the other extreme. As many as 9% of Millennials would share their toothbrush. Also, 60% of the “Baby Boomers” prefer to share with their family rather than with their partner, shows the study that includes eight countries.

Romania registers the highest percentages among all the countries included in this study. Romanians from the “Millennials” generation are by far the most willing to share things with their significant other in the current economic context (83%), double the general data for Great Britain (40%). Moreover, Romanians record the highest percentages in the study regarding the division of assets, regardless of age category. If in the United States, 41% of people over 55 are more willing to share with their partner, in Romania the percentage increases to 70%. The things that Romanians share in their relationship are, in general, from the food and technology categories, similar to the rest of the countries.


Things used most often in common:

1. Food 58%

2. Phone charger 41%

3. Quilt 35%

4. Bottle of water 32%

5. Mobile phone 26%

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