Survey: Romanians’ trust in DNA sees spectacular growth

Confidence in Presidency tripled in two months time.

The National Anticorruption Direction (DNA) has seen a spectacular increase in the chart of trust the Romanians invest in the executive institutions, from 48.3 per cent in October to nearly 56 per cent in December. The result comes from an INSCOP survey published by “Adevarul” daily which shows that DNA climbed one position in the hierarchy, occupying the 3rd place, after the gendarmerie and the army. A record growth was registered also in the confidence Romanians have in international institutions and in the EU, the latter climbing from the 3rd place, held in October, to the first one. Meanwhile, the Church continues its downward trend  in the Romanians confidence’s ranking, registering 60.6 per cent.

The INSCOP survey shows a spectacular increase also in terms of confidence in Presidency. The presidential elections had as effect a leap of trust of over 26 percentage points: 43.9 per cent of Romanians surveyed in December said they had plenty of faith in presidency, compared to 17.8 per cent in October.

Regarding the trust in the political institutions, on the second place after the Presidency (which climbed in two months from the 5th position straight on top of the hierarchy) there is the confidence in the City Hall, which descends though compared to the previous survey and reaches 37.9 per cent (compared to 42.7 per cent in October). Faith in the Constitutional Court ranks third, with an increase from 33.5 per cent in October to 36.4 per cent in December.

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