The weather takes a sudden turn: From 34C to 15C in just few days

After the summer temperatures in the past weeks, which will continue on Monday and Tuesday, as of Wednesday the weather will take a dramatic shift, getting significantly cold.

On Monday, there will be 34 °C in the country, very close to the absolute heat records, and in Bucharest it will be 33 °C. The unusual heat will continue on Tuesday, but from Wednesday the weather will cool down significantly, so nowhere will it be 20 degrees at noon. The rains will come, as well.

On Monday, the highs will reach 34 °C in Muntenia, Oltenia and Banat and everywhere in the country, except for the mountain areas, temperatures will exceed 22 °C. In some places it will be 15 degrees above the normal temperature values for mid-April.

 Tuesday will be exceptionally hot, too, with minimums in the morning between 6 and 17 °C and maximums that, after noon, will reach 33 °C in Muntenia and Dobrogea. There will be maximums of 28 °C in Transylvania and temperatures between 19 and 22 °C in Maramureș.

The weather starts to deteriorate on Tuesday and the rains are coming, according to the National Meteorology Administration.

The weather takes a sudden switch on Wednesday with overnight lows between 3 and 15C and there will be many areas where these lows will be below 10C. There will also be lower highs of over 10C in the center and west at midday , so that in Transylvania, Maramureș and Crișana the temperatures will be between 11 and 16 °C during the day.

It will rain in most areas.

Thursday will also cool down significantly during the day, compared to previous days. Maximums will not exceed 8 C in Sibiu and Cluj (rain is forecast) and will not exceed 20 C anywhere in the country, and in Bucharest it will be 18 C during the day and 11 C in the morning. Temperatures return to normal for the period.

On Friday morning, the minimum will be between 2 and 10 C, and during the day, between 10 and 18 C, it may rain especially in Transylvania and Moldova. In Bucharest, the maximum will be 18 C, and the minimum, 7 C, according to ANM

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