Two of the four Romanian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan – transfered to Germany

Two of the four Romanian soldiers wounded on Saturday in Afghanistan, while on mission, have been transported on Tuesday to Germany, the Defence Ministry announces.

Corporals Cristian Gabar and Ionel Cristea have been transferred to the Medical Regional Centre in Landstuhl to undergo medical investigations and specialty treatment, both are in stable condition, the same source mentions.

The MoD says a third Corporal, Cosmin Catalin Goleanu, is still hospitalized at the Kandahar Air Base Hospital for additional investigations, whereas Sergeant Danut Dontu was released from hospital and has returned to the Romanian camp under the medical team’s supervision.

Four Romanian soldiers were wounded Saturday morning in Afghanistan after the insurgents detonated an improvised explosive device. The soldiers were in mission in Kandahar province and were further attacked with infantry weapons.

Several MRAP vehicles (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles) operated by the Battalion 300 Defence Force “St. Andrei” were attacked with an improvised explosive device, followed by an attack with light infantry weapons, according to a press release issued by the Defence Ministry.

The four wounded soldiers were taken to the military hospital of Kandahar Air Base.

Two of them have fractures of the lower limbs, one had a closed cranial trauma, and the fourth had a thoracic fracture.

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