Winter is close. Snowfall in the mountains, temperatures drop

Meteorologists announced low temperatures, mountain snow, and rain today, typical for this time of year. Starting Tuesday, temperatures will be slowly up.
There’s a high probability of continued precipitation as sleet and snow, especially in the Eastern Carpathians, where cumulative precipitation will reach 10-15 liters per square meter. Wind gusts, especially above 1,700 meters, may exceed 90-100 km/h. In lower areas, gusts of 60-70 km/h are expected. Tuesday will bring warmer weather, especially in Southern Muntenia, Oltenia, and Dobrogea. Maximum temperatures may reach up to 18 degrees, but from the second half of next week, the weather will return to typical fall values. In Bucharest, we expect possible light rains in the second half of this week,” said Elena Mateescu, ANM Executive Director .

Meteorologists also warned that any episode of cold weather and precipitation can bring sleet and snow to the mountains, so travelers should consider this. The first truly cold weekend of this autumn brought extreme weather phenomena. Strong winds tore off roofs and toppled trees in several areas across the country, while in the mountains, winter weather prevailed.

Last night, temperatures dropped to minus 8 degrees Celsius at Omu Peak. Blizzard and abundant snow disrupted the hiking plans of mountain tourists, and those who ignored the severe weather found themselves stranded on trails.

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