Soprano Angela Gheorghiu: I don’t owe Romania anything

Soprano Angela Gheorghiu, who is at the center of some controversy after having some virulent attacks on colleagues from Romania, says, on Sunday, in a new post on Facebook, that she owes nothing to Romania and that she was never supported by the Romanian state.

Angela Gheorghu argues that in the 32 years of her career, she did not have any opera performances in Romania, she never concluded a contract with the Romanian Opera and she only had 4-5 concerts with fees and a few charity performances. “I owe nothing to Romania, I have never been supported by this state or its institutions in my career, on the contrary, I have supported Romanian musicians and colleagues, inviting them to my concerts and shows, the important fees, throughout my career”, says Angela Gheorghiu.

The soprano had previously criticized conductor Cristian Măcelaru, artistic director of the National Orchestra of France. Gheorghiu slammed him of not wanting to cast her in the French National Day show.

Back then, on France National Day, Angela Gheorghiu attacked Măcelaru and called him a “coward and traitor”, “another Romanian”, in a comment on a post on Facebook made by conductor Cristian Măcelaru himself. The soprano also criticizes his choice to interpret George Enescu on France’s National Day, a composer who is overrated, in the opinion of the soprano. “Unfortunately, you are a coward and a traitor, you know what I mean…another Romanian, you don’t surprise me at all. Popular music in Paris, OMG! Has your music culture here stopped?! What a pity! We have great Romanian composers, never forget that, whom the international public does not know, and I have sung and performed many works by them all over the world, but you did not study in Romania and, beware, you have big gaps on this subject ”, Angela Gheorgiu used to say at the time, which attracted criticism from other Romanian artists.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    Well done Angela Gheorghiu. you tell these numb nut losers what you really think!