Spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church Criticizes Priest for Blaming Sexually Abused Girls

The spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Vasile Bănescu, calls the statements of priest Nicolae Tănase from Valea Plopului according to which “if a boy abuses a girl, she is also guilty”, as “barbaric clericalized thinking, against reason, gentleness and theology”. 

Priest Nicolae Tănase from Valea Plopului declared, in Constanţa, that girls who are sexually assaulted should go to prison, stating that “beautiful girls attract boys and then the boys go to prison for shooting girls”. He pointed out that those boys will go to prison, but “the girls are not really innocent” and they should also serve three, four months in prison.

Vasile Bănescu criticized priest Tănase in a post on Facebook.

“If a boy abuses a girl, she is also guilty.” Because she tempted him. She’s just a descendant of Eve, you know. Ergo, let her go to prison too. Here is a sample of clericalized barbaric “thinking”, armed to the teeth against reason, tenderness and theology, reductionist to the point of self-cancellation, inspired by the worst possible relationship to reality and biblical revelation. In such a bleak vision, temptation is not just a feminine noun, it is woman or femininity itself. A priori guilty before the man and manhood. The latter being, in the context, just a euphemism for virile, aggressive and possibly barbophorous youth. How sad! When the core of Christianity is only freedom, love, joy. Responsible freedom, agape love, joy of encounter and resurrection,” reads Vasile Bănescu’s Facebook post.
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