Spring weather during the weekend, temperatures up to 17C

The weather will be warm this weekend, with temperatures climbing up to 17C in Bucharest and in other regions as well.

Romanian weathermen say that the weather will be unusually warm for this time of the year, with minimum temperatures ranging from 3C to 5C and maximum climbing up to 16C. There will be 17C on Sunday.

On Saturday, temperatures will be on the rise, with rains and mixed falls and glazed frost in the mountains. Maximum temperatures will range from 7C to 17C, while the minimum from minus 2C to 8C. There will be conditions of fog in the low regions, particularly in the morning.
On Sunday, the weather will continue to be warm, with maximum temperatures climbing up to 9C-17C, while minimum ones will range from minus 1C to 9C. The sky will be mostly cloudy in the west, north and centre, with rains in store overnight.
The sky will be variable in the southern and southeastern country, but it will also rain. Mixed falls will be registered in the mountains.
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