SRI: 38,000 cyber attacks on security systems in Romania in two days

Security systems in Romania were the target of a cyber attacks. SRI specialists have blocked nearly 40,000 malicious attempts. That means more than 800 cyber attacks per hour. What’s worse has not passed, Americans experts also warn. Banks in our country could be the target of another attack in the near future, according to Digi24.
Sorin Sava, press officer of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) said: “During August 12-13 this year, about 38,000 such alerts were registered. Alerts were evidenced after receipt of emails with malicious attachments of ransomeware type, meaning data encryption and request for reward. We are talking about both private institutions and government institutions.”
In other words, cybercriminals have tried to enter the state databases and then ask for rewards in order to stop the attacks.
Another target of the hackers were the banks, says the SRI officer. Tinba v3 is the latest version of a virus which is installed in the computers of internet banking users. IBM X-Force Security computer scientists have revealed that the Trojan will attack at least 12 banks in our country.
Bogdan Botezatu, cyber security expert said: “It is not the first virus of this type, we had at least three different campaigns this year, but is one of the most sophisticated I’ve seen. It is a very small virus, easily invading the computer, almost automatically installed and then makes the classic fraud,” informs.

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