SRI: Romania, target of large-scale cyber attacks coming from the East

Romania was target of several large-scale cyber attacks last year coming from the Eastern space, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) said, according to Digi24. SRI informed that in one of this cases, Romanian experts managed to identify a computer virus with the help of the AI technology.

The Romanian intelligence authority said that, as of 2016 onwards, there has been an explosion of cyber attacks worldwide, with the targets being mainly Western countries.

SRI says that in 2018, Romania was the target of such attacks coming from the East, next to other European countries, with many public institutions being affected.

According to SRI, the goal of these cyber attacks is not to destroy the infrastructure of that state, but aim at extracting information from those public institutions and spying.

Thousands of servers of more Romanian public institutions were infected last year, and the costs to launch these complex attacks are estimated to hundreds of millions of euro. These sums of money are usually given by those interested in stealing important information from some key state institutions.

As a first, SRI experts managed to identify a computer virus with the help of the AI technology. Following analyses, experts also identified the area where the malware was coming from and the manner in which the virus was extracting information.

The SRI representatives admitted that cutting the institution’s budget might affect Romania’s capacity to face such cyber attacks, as the service won’t be able anymore to buy cutting-edge equipment. Moreover, there might be no money to send IT experts fro training abroad.

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