SRI: Romania will be soon targeted by massive cyber-attacks

Romania will be the target of massive cyber spying in the next period, say cyber security specialists. Romanian public institutions are the most exposed because of the secret information that will pass through our country, after Romania takes over the presidency of the EU Council. Vulnerabilities include, besides the outdated computers, and in many cases, pirated software, the poorly paid and poorly trained IT workers in public institutions, reports.

Romania will lead the EU Council in the first half of 2019. Important information will go through the institutions in our country. They will not come by mail or by traveling pigeons, but through the computer networks of public institutions in Romania. Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) specialists warn that cyber spies are ready to attack.

“Taking over the Presidency of the EU Council, many info will pass through Romania. The strategic information that goes through in regard to the European Union will arrive to us. Other strategic actors have made plans to come and extract this information,” says Anton Rog, head of the SRI’s Cyberint Center.

“Generally, an attacker, when he has a target, will try to find out what defensive method he faces there. What is the structure of the organization, which is the organizational chart and he will find a method to try to overcome those defense methods. There were APT viruses who have been sleeping in the organization for three years without being found. Because these attacks aim to steal intelligence, it is espionage,” says Alex Balan, a cyber-security researcher.

Although in Romania, the highest wages are in the IT field, this does not happen in public institutions as well. Here, the wages are even five times smaller than the market.

“At such a wage, we cannot talk about cyber-security specialists. We can talk about an IT graduate or cyber-security graduate with a low to medium level of development and understanding. If we were to rely solely on this, we would have huge problems,” Anton Rog said.





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  • KonradKuk

    Scaremongering, Its the same all over the western world, we are told that we are under attack from Russia, China and earlier Iran (but not now since the EU has negotiated massive buisness contracts there). Tiring tirades from world hegemonists.