SRI’s Cyberint head: Romania, target of cyber attacks sponsored by states

The head of the Cyberint center with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), Florin Cosmoiu, said on Friday that Romania is a target of the state-sponsored cyber attacks for our country is a EU and NATO member. According to him, the cyber attacks aim at stealing strategic information and critical infrastructures.

“The dangers that we are facing every day in this field come from different parts. There are attacks sponsored by states that are targeted against strategic institutions of a certain country, critical infrastructures. These attacks take place in every country, including Romania. We are a target of the attacks that are sponsored by states for we are NATO and EU members and some countries that are involved in these attacks are targeting us, too. They want to steal strategic information from Romania and are also targeting our critical infrastructures,” Cosmoiu told a conference tackling the constant threats topic, organized by NATO and the Aspen Institute.

He gave the example of Ukraine, where the energy supply has been cut for a big region, arguing that similar things could happen anywhere in the world and that for this reason Romania tried to increase its protection capacities of the critical infrastructure.

The Cyberint Center head also revealed that criminal groups have recently targeted financial banking systems in Romania, while another threat comes from the extremists’ cyber attacks.

“Criminal attacks take place every day in Romania. Recently, this year and last year, criminal groups targeted also financial banking systems in Romania. At the same, we are facing cyber attacks from extremists on a daily basis. These attacks are not very sophisticated, their capacities are small, but we have to mention this phenomenon for they are trying to increase these capacities. Romania has many programmes to increase its technical capacity,” Cosmoiu also stated.

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