Storm Renata Hits Romania After Hottest April Day Ever

Yesterday was the hottest day of April 15 in the history of meteorological measurements in Romania. Absolute records were recorded at almost all weather stations. The weather changes, however, because the storm Renata, which wreaked havoc in Europe, reaches Romania. Temperatures will drop by almost 20 degrees, it will rain and the wind will be raging.

Bechet recorded the hottest temperatures yesterday, 33.7C.

However, the weather changes, in less than two hours a yellow storm code goes into effect. Along with storm Renata comes a cloud of Saharan dust.

After the heat record for April recorded yesterday, the temperatures will be high today in the south and east, but in the west the weather has already started to cool down, said ANM director Florinela Georgescu.

“If today there are still maximums of 30 degrees, tomorrow there will be temperatures above 20 degrees only in Dobrogea and the east of Muntenia, and in the rest the thermal maximums will be between 8 and 18 degrees. There will be decreases in thermal values in some regions of 18 – 20 degrees compared to the last few days.From Thursday, the highs will be even lower, reaching below normal for the period.

The cooling is associated with an atmospheric front that brings rains from the center of Europe, especially showers that from this evening will be signaled in Banat south of Crișana, Transylvania, regions that fall under the yellow code warning. These manifestations of instability and rain will extend on Wednesday, it will rain in the south, center and east. In the high mountain areas there will be sleet and snow, the nights will be cold. The cooldown will end after April 26. In Bucharest, on Saturday and Sunday the maximums will be around 14-16 degrees Celsius,” Florinela Georgescu told Digi24.

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