Storm wreaks havoc in Bucharest, on the seaside

Children practicing kayaking on Lake Siutghiol, surprised by the storm.

After the scorching heat the other days, a storm occurred in Bucharest and on the Black Sea coast, in Constanta and the seaside resorts this morning.

Bucharesters and Ilfov residents woke up this morning with torrential rain, gales and hail banging on their windows. Road traffic was blocked on several tram and bus lines. Firefighters intervened in several neighborhoods where dozens of trees have fallen on cars or blocked streets. A driver was injured after a tree fell on the car he was in and was taken to hospital.

Meteorologists issued a special forecast for Bucharest from Friday 10:00 a.m. to Saturday evening at 9:00 p.m. The heat wave will persist, there will be intense heat and thermal discomfort, and the temperature-humidity index (ITU) will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units. The maximum temperature will be around 35 degrees, and the minimum will be 19…21 degrees. The sky will be variable with clouds during Friday evening, when showers, lightning and brief intensification of the wind will be possible.

As a result of the weather phenomena, during the yellow code, the firefighters from Bucharest – Ilfov managed 46 interventions – 44 in Bucharest city and 2 in Ilfov county. They removed 44 fallen trees, a fallen pole and a construction element. 33 cars and a roof were damaged, according to the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU).

A person was caught in a car hit by a fallen tree on Veseliei Street. The driver was taken out of the car and taken to the hospital.

A code yellow warning of gales and hail was also in force for several areas in Giurgiu and Dâmboviţa. On Friday morning, the meteorologists issued a code yellow meteorological warning of gales and hail for several areas in Giurgiu, Dâmboviţa, Ialomiţa and Călăraşi.

Children practicing kayaking on Lake Siutghiol, surprised by the storm

The storm also seized Constanta and the seaside resorts, with a code orange alert for rain and gales. The Constanta firefighters intervened on Friday morning to save ten children who were training with kayaks on Lake Siutghiol and were surprised by the storm.

The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Dobrogea reported that the firefighters were notified on Friday, around 9:00, by calling 112, to intervene in the Ovidiu area, at the pontoon, for the recovery of ten children who were practicing kayaking on Lake Siutghiol and were caught by the storm.

The children were brought to shore, and six of them received medical attention after suffering panic attacks and saying they were cold. They refused transport to the hospital. The children were brought to the shore by a boat belonging to the Ovidiu City Hall.

The city of Constanța and several seaside resorts were under a code orange weather warning for rain and gales. The warning was in force until around 10:00 a.m. and concerned the coastal area of ​​Constanta county, respectively the area of ​​the localities: Constanța, Năvodari, Ovidiu, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Eforie, Cumpăna, Valu lui Traian, Techirghiol, Tuzla, Lumina, Topraisar, 23 August, Agigea, Corbu, Limanu, Albești, Pecineaga, Istria, Săcele, Costinești, Mangalia.

Train rides, traffic on the A2 motorway affected

At the same time, the rain and strong wind affected traffic on the A2 Bucharest – Constanta highway.

The rains and storms have blocked several trains on the route, which have already recorded delays of over 300 minutes, according to announcements from the North Railway Station in Bucharest.

All trains due to arrive in Bucharest on Friday morning are delayed. The train from Arad has a delay of 330 minutes. The train was supposed to arrive at the North Station at 5:39. Travelers wait in the middle of the road where the train is stuck. And the train coming from Budapest is delayed by 300 minutes compared to the time it was supposed to arrive in the capital. Trains from Mărășești are over 50 minutes late. A train that was supposed to leave at 6:00 a.m. from Gara de Nord to Constanța still hasn’t left.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    It’s perfectly normal for storms after a day of warm to hot weather temperatures.