Stricter border controls, longer queues as of April 7

As of Friday, April 7, the waiting time for clearance at border crossings by air, sea or land will increase, as border controls both at entry or exiting the country will increase.

Border controls will be tougher as of this weekend, when it comes into force the Regulation amending the Schengen Borders Code, adopted by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.  Romanian Border Police warns therefore that the waiting times will be longer for formalities at the border customs.

“Following the coming into force of the Regulation 458/2017 amending the Schengen Borders Code, the border control authorities of the EU countries, including the Romanian Border Police, will conduct, starting on April 7, systematic checks at entry and exit from the Member States,” the Border Police representatives have announced, informs.

Specifically, as of Friday the travel documents will be checked and relevant databases on all persons will be checked too, including for those who have the right to free movement under EU law (i.e. EU citizens and their family members who are EU citizens) both at the entrance and at the exit from the country.

The Easter and the summer will bring along congestions at the customs because both the Romanian authorities and those of neighbouring countries (Hungary, Bulgaria) will conduct these measures. Border Police officials draw the attention to those who want to leave on vacation during Easter, or who will come at home from work abroad, that in the next period waiting times for formalities at border crossings will increase.

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