Students and young people can make friends easier with Jumppi

Jummpi is a 100% Romanian app dedicated to youngsters and students who want to establish relationships easier and find partners for diverse activities and explore the city life.

The idea of the application started from some concerning studies that revealed that great part of the students are feeling lonely.

According to a study cited by the Independent one in six students say that they do not have a real friend during college and almost a third of them feel alone at least once per week while a quarter of them say that they feel lonely almost every other day.

All the while, 88.5% of the respondents of an independent study done by Jumppi say that they feel like doing something fun but they don’t have anybody to do it with. The main reason for this is that their friends have different schedules with other secondary reasons being that they cannot plan in advance or they do not have enough friends. Only 15% say that they do not share any of these issues. The study was done with 150 singles from Europe, aged between18-34.

“Jumppi is the new Tinder for those who are seeking new friends to have fun with. Young people often complain that they cannot form relationships on Facebook or Instagram and a lot of them cannot even start new conversations on these platforms either because they are shy or because they fear rejection. On the other hand, Jumppi users are generally open minded persons who want to meet new people and take part in interesting activities. That’s why even the shiest persons feel comfortable here knowing the other users share the same goals as them” says Andrei Stoiculescu, the co-founder of Jumppi.

Once logged in to the app and complete personal profile, a user can post an activity he feels like doing and send invites for other app users to join. A user can look for others to join for any kind of social activity: from going out for concerts to theater plays, festivals, doing sports (jogging, cycling, squash etc), having a couple of drinks and pizza or anything one can think of.

Just as well, one can join someone else’s activity after looking for what’s available around in the next 24 hours. When they find an interesting activity, they simple press the Join button and they enter into a chat  room with the other participants to discuss the details.

In the new version of the app, available from the 30th of September, activity creators have the option of directly inviting nearby users, hence increasing the chances of the activity to have more participants. A special feature has been dedicated to students – where they can see fellow students from the same city – attending different Universities. The creators of the app designed this feature for students to encourage university culture to propagate from arts to engineering to medicine school etc. “It is cool for students in engineering to see what their city colleagues in arts are about and how they spend their free time.” says Andrei Stoiculescu, Jumppi co-founder.

In order to stimulate real life activities Jumppi will hand monthly prizes for most active users. Basically the ones who meet the most in real life will become brand ambassadors and will also receive prizes.

Jumppi is already integrated with IaLoc– the app through which you book tables at a restaurant.

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