Study: Main Cause of Dispute in Romanian Couples?

About 78% of Romanians participating in a study admitted that disputes related to money and financial situation are one of the most common reasons for arguments in couples. For 65% of respondents, planning money for unforeseen circumstances is the most pressing desire.

Other findings

1 out of 2 people interviewed believe that the man should pay on the first date.

Only 1 out of 5 Romanians still consider dowry relevant in their relationship. The most important arguments for dowry remain properties (house, land).

Generally, men earn more, but utilities and vacations are paid equally.

Although there is a clear trend towards equally spending money on hobbies and personal desires, the perception persists that women spend more on personal desires (31%) and men spend more on hobbies (25%).

Debts bring couples closer. Most say they should be managed together (66%).

Decisions on risky investments are rather made together (58%).

The Unlock Market Research study, initiated by BCR, and carried out last month, aims to better understand the financial decisions of Romanians, exploring relevant contexts such as Valentine’s Day to capture the financial dynamics of those in a relationship or married.

The study also shows that 80% of couples declare that they pool their income and manage the family budget through a joint discussion, which denotes a high level of transparency and collaboration in relationships, but exposure to financial education is still moderate, with 46% among respondents who regularly search for financial information.

In addition, a third of those interviewed (36%) have hidden information about money from their partners, which can lead to misunderstandings and tensions.

According to the Unlock study, when it comes to saving, 74% of couples state that they save money, and over half of them use a savings banking product such as savings accounts or deposits.

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