Sudden Cold Snap Expected From Wednesday Onwards

The upcoming week will bring unstable weather across most regions. Following Sunday’s storms that swept through much of the country, today they will cover the northern half, with tomorrow’s forecast extending them to the entire territory.

Today’s temperatures will be higher than usual for this time of year, starting at 16 degrees Celsius on the coast and reaching highs of 28 degrees in lowland areas.

These unusually high values will be accompanied by rain, thunderstorms, and lightning in the mountains, as well as in the central, northern, and eastern regions of the country.

Meteorologists predict precipitation amounts exceeding 20 mm and hail conditions. Unstable weather will persist in the following days.

On Tuesday, torrential rains, thunderstorms, and hail will affect the northern half of the country, with temperatures reaching highs of 30 degrees. Midweek, temperatures will drop, with maximum temperatures not exceeding 22 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation will spread across all areas, with sleet expected at higher altitudes. In depressions, temperatures will drop to a maximum of 4 degrees Celsius during the night.

Bucharest: From 26C to rain and storms

Today, Bucharest will experience a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius with clear skies and moderate winds.

However, starting Wednesday, the weather will undergo a dramatic change, with storms returning and a noticeable drop in temperature. Midweek, temperatures will reach a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius, with rain expected at night.

Thursday into Friday, Bucharest will see highs of 7 degrees Celsius.

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