Sudden Weather Shift Expected Starting Monday Evening

The National Meteorological Administration has sent several yellow and orange code warnings warning that during the night from Monday to Tuesday there will be gusts of wind and storms in the western half of the country, and they will cover the whole country during Tuesday.
Yellow Code for increased wind and gale force
AM In the mentioned interval, the wind will gradually intensify in Banat, Crisana, Oltenia, the western half of Transylvania and in Maramureș, with speeds of 55…65 km/h and in limited areas 70 km/h, and in the second part of the night it will look like a storm.
In the Western Carpathians and Southern Carpathians, at high altitudes, gusts will exceed 100…110 km/h.
And throughout Tuesday (April 2), the wind gusts will have speeds of 55…65 km/h, and locally 70…80 km/h. There will be storms in some places. In the high mountain area, gusts will exceed 90…110 km/h. In the high mountain area, generally at altitudes above 1600 m, mixed precipitation will be reported, and in the Apuseni Mountains and in the north of the Eastern Carpathians, amounts of water of 10…20 l/m2 will accumulate.
Code Orange for strong wind Tuesday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The wind will have sustained intensifications in the counties of Satu Mare, Sălaj, Maramureș, Cluj, Alba, Bistrița-Năsăud, Suceava, Neamț and Botoșani, and especially in the afternoon in the counties of Teleorman, Giurgiu, Ilfov and the municipality of Bucharest, Călărași, Ialomița, Prahova, Buzău, Brăila and the continental area of Constanța and Tulcea counties. There will be speeds in general of 80…85 km/h, and at high altitudes in mountainous areas, gusts will exceed 120 km/h.
Weather forecast for Bucharest
In the Capital, from Monday evening until Tuesday morning, the sky will be variable, and the wind will blow weak and moderate, says ANM in the special forecast for Bucharest. The minimum temperature will be 10…14 degrees. Throughout Tuesday, the weather will be windy and cool, but temperatures will remain higher than those specific to the date. The sky will be variable, and there will be wind gusts, with speeds of 60…70 km/h and temporarily 80 km/h. The maximum temperature will be around 24 degrees.
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