Summer at the end of October

The last week of autumn will bring summer weather. In the plain areas, meteorologists announce 28 degrees Celsius. The last decade of October will be marked by a much warmer period than normal for the period, and the trend will also be preserved in the first half of November, Elena Mateescu, director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), told Digi24.

The warm air mass covering the south of the country brings temperatures suitable for an August day. Even if it gets warmer during the night, we will still have large temperature differences between night and day, up to 15 degrees.

The week starts with particularly warm weather. Temperatures will be between 17 and 27 degrees, and the hottest will be in the west and south of the country today. In the evening, however, it will rain in the northern regions, and in Maramureș, the amount of water could exceed 15 l/m2.

And on Tuesday we will have summer weather. 28 degrees will be in the south of the country, while in the northern half there will be rains specific to the warm season: showers accompanied by electrical phenomena.

In the coming days, it will rain, but lightly, and the weather will cool down. Thursday will not be more than 22 degrees, and at night, temperatures will approach the freezing point.

In Bucharest, the sun will be generous, the wind will blow weakly, and the maximum will indicate 24 degrees.

“The week of October 24 – 31 will be characterized by warmer weather than usual. It will be up to 28 degrees Celsius in the south, that is, 3 degrees above what was the threshold of a summer day in our country, that is 25 degrees.Temperatures will drop midweek but remain close to 24 degrees.

So, the last decade of October will be under the sign of a much warmer period than normal for the period. This will also be the case in the first half of November, between October 31 and November 14 there will be positive thermal deviations in most of the country and a lack of precipitation. We are talking about a year and now an autumn of extreme weather. Each month they alternated much warmer periods with colder days.

Each season brought records in terms of temperature and precipitation regime. If we compare what happened from the beginning of the month until now, we are talking about an October much warmer than normal for the period, the thermal deviations exceed 2 degrees at this moment,” ANM director further said.

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