Survey: How much are Romanians spending on Christmas?

With the final stretches of the holiday shopping season coming up, a survey conducted by Klarna, the AI-powered global payments network and shopping destination, showcases how much Romanians will be spending this Christmas and what are their top priorities.

Top holiday-related expenses

When asked what holiday-related expenses they plan to spend the most on this year, 49% of respondents said they would allocate most of their spending on gifts. The second highest-rated category is food, with 30% of respondents claiming this would be their largest expense during this holiday season. Similar figures were also reported for 2022, with 50% for gifts and 33% for food.

On the opposite side, it is revealed that Romanians plan to spend the least on fashion or beauty, and social events, the first one being prioritised by 1% of respondents, and the latter by 2%.

Budgeting is the keyword

The data reveals that 68% of Romanians are worried about their finances during the holiday period and 76% state that the general increase in prices for goods and services had an impact on how they plan to shop for the season, so they are looking to reduce their spending.

Out of this group, 62% are looking for budget-friendly items, 59% will reduce their spending on non-essential items, and 56% will better plan the holiday menu to avoid food waste. Other steps Romanians will take to better manage their budget are: shopping for fewer items than before (44%), only purchasing items if they’re on sale (32%), and avoiding high energy-consuming decorations (31%).

The spirits are high

Even with some financial worries, Romanians are still excited: 41% of respondents like the holiday season, and an equal 41% love Christmas and look forward to this time of year all year long. Even more, during this period, 71% of respondents claim they feel joyous, for 52% of Romanians Christmas brings hope, and 49% are excited for the upcoming season.

Insights were conducted in cooperation with Nepa, with 1,016 Romanian consumers participating.

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