Suspicions mount on serial killer in Caracal after two teen girls have been gone missing. Alleged police’s late intervention following girl’s desperate call

A 57-year-old man from Caracal, Olt county (Oltenia region) has been taken for hearings as he is suspect in a potential murder case. Human remains and jewels have been found in a barrel in the suspect’s house. Two teen girls have been gone missing while hitchhiking.

One of the girls who had been gone missing had apparently managed to call 112 a day before, with the Police claiming that the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) had delivered wrong locations where the girl might be, one area in the Apuseni Mountains and another three incorrect locations, following the girl’s three calls to 112.

It has been a call from the girl who has been gone missing since July 24, the STS reported us an area int he Apuseni Mountains and three other wrong locations. The police officers from Olt went there, but found nothing. The Dolj Police saw a car that had appeared on the video footage several times. Following searches this morning several human remains and jewels had been found in a barrel”, said Georgian Drăgan, the Romanian Police spokesperson.

Investigators revealed that police officers had conducted a raid at one of the addressed on Friday following the GPS data on the girl’s mobile, but apparently they the rescue operation was lingered as the police had no search warrant.

The desperate call of Alexandra, the kidnapped girl the past days, has been also made public.

I am in an old house, almost an abandoned house, there is grass in the courtyard. It is a car service, it has two wolf dogs,” the girl would have told 112 operators, according to Police sources.

The sources within the investors also revealed that the girl seemed to be alive on Thursday evening.
“After the call investigators came on the scene, but no one entered as they had no warrant. Around 4 a.m. shouts were heard from the house <Leave me alone you’re killing me>. Neighbours called 112 and 3-4 police crews came and they walked in front of the court until 6 a.m. when they eventually entered for they had got the search warrant”, the sources said.

Preliminary information show that the jewels found in the barrel would belong to the girl who went missing yesterday. Police officers going on the scene found a complete mess at the suspect’s place, with the courtyard of the disabled warehouse being stocked with garbage, old furniture piece and others.

The suspect, 57yo Gheorghe Dinca, is a auto mechanic and was living in a disused warehouse. He has three children. His daughter lives in Timisoara, while his sons are left for work abroad.

Judicial sources told mass media that the suspect Gheorghe Dincă denies charges. He is believed of killing and burning the 15-year-old girl, Alexandra.

Searches started after a 15-year-old teen girl from Dobrosloveni has been reported missing on July 24. The last time she was seen in Caracal while hitchhiking and getting in a car.

Policemen are also probing if this case is related to another mysterious disappearance of another teen girl in the same area this spring.
Local media reported in April that a girl from Craiova went to Caracal to take some money from her mother and she had been gone missing ever since.
Valeriu Şuhan, former judicial police officer has stated that, if the suspect in Caracal proves to be a serial killer, he can be compared to the famous US serial killer Ted Bundy who kidnapped, raped, and murdered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier. After more than a decade of denials, before his execution in 1989 he confessed to 30 homicides that he committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978. The true number of victims is unknown and possibly higher.
STS reacts, denying Police’s accusations
STS, accused of not having identified the location correctly in the first place, has provided the first reaction in this case, denying the Police’s accusations and saying the policemen had information of primary tracking in every of the three calls. STS also said it has no authority to identify the location of the mobile or the cell of the mobile operator.
According to STS, Alexandra’s first call had been made at 11:05:07 and she was the one who interrupted the conversation.

A minute later, the teen girl called 112 again and managed to talk to the operator and would have provided an address on a business card found in the location, but she did not know if the address on the business card was similar with the one where she was at the time of the call. The girl also gave some information about the location during this second call.

A third call has been made at 11:12:36, which yet last only 4 seconds.

STS reported that its operator tried to call again the girl’s mobile number twice but it was nothing but voice mail each time.

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  • Aida

    Mates, have a look onto Ion Ramaru’s biography.

  • Sarah

    Horrendous, so much corruption in Romanian – that’s why most of the west have a negative opinion. Terrible terrible shame.

  • Romania

    To bad our justice sistem is full of legal ways which are in favour for the criminals. Ex: the police in this case had expected 19 hours before they entered into his house,while the girl was tortured. See not so far ago the guvern had freed inmates for the excuse that they were old. Man if they aren’t dead or imobilized I don’t see why they have to leave incarceration.

  • Michael

    If that was their daughter in that house would they go in. ? I cannot believe this happened. I have tears in my eyes from the other side of the earth for the girls. The policemen should be locked up and throw away the key.

  • Hana

    Really Sarah? Quite lots of similar situation had happened in West Europe and US I would say even more bestial.