#Teleormanleaks. Rise Project reveals hunting parties hosted by Dragnea or TelDrum directors

Rise Project has released fresh documents and photos (400 official documents) featuring hunting parties hosted by the Hunting and Fishing Association Turris Turnu Magurele, set by by PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea at the end of the 90s and given to Petre Pitis, his colleague and director of TelDrum. The hunting parties were attended by hundreds of party members top leaders of the Social Democrat Parties, but also local businessmen, police chiefs and judges or TelDrum employees.

The documents disclosed by Rise Project comprise collective hunting permits and official records of every hunting game, stamped by the organizers and signed by the participants.

The photos with the PSD leaders originate from the computer of TelDrum commercial manager, Nicoleta Pene.

According to those documents, Liviu Dragnea has hunted at least 32 times in Teleorman county in the past nine years. Dragnea used to lead the Hunting Association Turris Turnu Magurele until 2004, when he gave the association to his colleagues and friends, Petre Pitis, the current manager of TelDrum and to Marian Fiscucim the first shareholder of the company.

Petre Pitis has accompanied Dragnea at the hunting parties 31 times.

The famous PSD leader of Constanta, Nicuso Constantinescu, currently under bars, hunted in the Teleorman forests 18 times. Deputy PM Paul Stanescu, now a dissident, joined the hunting parties 13 times, Marian Oprisan (leader of PSD Vrancea)  five times and Marcel Ciolacu (Buzau, also at odds with Dragnea at his moment), four times.

Gabriel Vlase, now head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, hunted three times, as well as Niculae Badalau (Giurgiu). Claudiu Manda, the chairman of the SRI committee, was invited to hunt 4 times.

Manda, Vlase, Bădălău have been recently heard as witnesses in the TelDrum file at the National Anti-corruption Directorate.

The hunting parties were also attended by local police chiefs, heads of decentralized institutions, mayors, councilmen, husbands of judges or trustworthy employees of TelDrum.

The documents also register the animals hunted: 1,128 killed during those hunting parties.

Next to the papers related to the hunting parties the Rise Project journalists have also found public contracts granted by the party local barons to TelDrum company.

The original article available in Romanian here.

Asked by the journalists about the hunting parties that he attended next to TelDrum chiefs and other PSD leaders, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea said after the party’s Executive Committee on Monday that maybe animals should be heard, too, while asking if these activities are considered crimes.

Sometimes you feel sorry for Kovesi. She is now using reporters to ask questions. I don’t know what photos you referred to, what moment you refer to. Miss prosecutor, I think  I answered enough. My question to you is simple and I will speak louder so that DNA can also hear. To go to a hunting party is a crime? There are people subpoenaed to DNA to be asked by hunting. Wild boars, rabbits, pheasants should be eventually summoned to, and arrested,” Dragnea retorted.

I have never attended any hunting party where political leaders had discussed contracts with the companies’ shareholders. Maybe you should all ask the same questions at the same time (…) How have some documents ended up at Rise Project, considering they had already got to DNA,” the PSD chair added.

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