Temperatures to drop by about 10 degrees C

The meteorologists have announced significant weather changes in the first week of April, so that temperatures will drop by about 10 degrees Celsius until Tuesday.

Wind will blow in most of the country, with gusts of 45-55 km/h mainly in the mountains and in eastern and south-eastern regions. Cloudy skies are expected with light, isolated rains in eastern Romania. In Transylvania it is likely that the precipitations turn into sleet and snowfall.

As of Tuesday evening, rainfall will extend to western, southern and central regions.

Maximum temperatures will range between 9 degrees C in northern Moldavia to 25 degrees C in Banat, Oltenia and Muntenia (southern areas).

In Bucharest the weather will turn windy Monday evening.

In the mountains the temperatures will drop, light rainfalls are expected which could turn into snowfalls. Winds to reach about 55 km/h.


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