The bear Masha, who had been brought from Ukraine to Romania, died

Only two weeks after she became free the Ukrainian she-bear Masha passed away due to a stroke.

Masha was the symbol of the war refugees in Ukraine. After being exploited as a circus star for 19 years, only two weeks after she had brought from Ukraine to Romania, to the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, in a special operation, Masha passed away.

On Friday, she went alone to her lair. I thought he might miss hibernation because of the weather, but on Monday morning, Masha went out. He probably had a stroke and, as a refugee symbol, became a symbol of the victims of this cruel and ruthless war,” said Cristina Lapis, president of the Million Friends Association.

Cristina Lapis also revealed that the bear was traumatized by the war in Ukraine, as is the case with the inhabitants of this country.

“All the deprivation that animals have suffered in this war leaves deep traces, as in humans. These people who are suffering now, probably, even if they return to their home and will be able to resume their lives, will be left with traumas that never heal”, Cristina Lapis explained.

Although all the bears can’t wait to get out of the cage when they get to the sanctuary, Masha took 7 hours to take this step, after which she enjoyed for two weeks the presence of the other bears and the freedom provided by the Zărneşti sanctuary.

Another bear and a wold are expected to arrive from Ukraine to Zarnesti in the upcoming days.

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