The first hospital for children with heliport in Romania

“Marie Curie” Emergency Hospital for Children in Bucharest will be the first medical unit for children in Romania to have a heliport. The representatives of the hospital announced on Tuesday that a heliport will be built on the unit’s roof, with constructions works to kick off this autumn. The investment mounts to EUR 425,000.

“Marie Curie” hospital is performing various interventions and the little patients are transported by helicopter here from various regions of the country, so a heliport is a must-have. In emergency cases when children need quick surgeries, the time from the place where the helicopter lands and the hospital is sometimes too long and jeopardizes the patients’ lives.

The hospital manager, Daniel Buzatu said a 100 per cent revamping of the C wing of the unit is needed for the heliport, while the chief of the Intensive Care Unit for the newborn babies, Cătălin Cîrstoveanu, said the heliport will service the entire hospital.

“Marie Curie” hospital’s courtyard will also host the first state hospital for children suffering of cancer in Romania, a unit exclusively built from private donations. Hundreds of big, medium and small companies, as well as private persons have donated tens of millions of euros for this hospital so far.

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