The first locality in Romania that resumed Covid restrictions. All premises in the commune closed

A commune in Cluj County is the first locality in Romania where the harshest restrictions are reinforced, due to the rise in the number of Covid-19 infections over the threshold of six cases per one thousand inhabitants.

In the locality of Mărgău from Cluj county, which includes 6 villages and that accommodates approximately 1,500 inhabitants, and where the incidence rate of Covid cases exceeded 6 cases per thousand inhabitants,  harsh restrictions are reimposed as of today.

According to the decision of the local Cluj Committee for Emergency Situations, the following are prohibited for the upcoming 14 days: activity in cinemas / shows / concerts; drive-in shows; concerts, festivals, shows or other public or private outdoor events; outdoor sports and recreational activities; private events such as christening, weddings parties, etc .; the activity of restaurants and events in restaurants / cafes, both indoors and outdoors; events inside restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.

After 14 days, the epidemiological situation will be re-assessed.

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