The first PET-bottled fit-up in the world, launched in Cluj-Napoca

Over 70,000 PET bottles have been collected in Cluj-Napoca over the past two months to be used for the construction of the first floating stage in the world made of PET bottles. The Green Stage project, initiated by Filarmonia Cultural Society and supported by Eco-Rom Ambalaje was a raising-awarness campiagn to inform the population on the importance of PET bottles recycling in a creative way.

The project underwent three stages during September 2014-May 2015: the national architecture competition, the ecological campaign of collecting PET bottles and the actual construction of the stage. During all these stages, 12 pubs in Cluj-Napoca supported the separate collection of the PET bottles and over 1,000 prizes and information brochures were given to volunteers.

The Green Stage was launched during a concert offered by Napocensis Philarmonic Symphonic Orchestra, followed by other moments of music, film, ballet.

During the next 6 months, the stage will host other several artistic and cultural events within the project Cluj-Napoca -2015 European Youth Capital: performances, theatre plays, ballet, opera. Besides, during July 14-August 30, Cluj inhabitants can take free dance classes, while starting July 18 they can enjoy romantic nights through tango and waltz performances.

At the end of those six months all PET bottles will go to recycling.

In the upcoming period, the organizers also want to provide the stage with an architectural pavillion made of recyclable wooden pallets.

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