The first private all-inclusive rehab center opened near Bucharest

More and more Romanians, addicted to drugs, alcohol, work.

The first private rehab center, with all inclusive services, was opened in Romania, as a result of the increase in the number of people affected by severe addictions. Offering a unique service in the country, Snagov Rehab Center is a modern center, developed with a private capital investment through which emphasis was placed on the detailed design of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

In Snagov Rehab Center, all types of addiction are treated through an individualized therapeutic program, including drug, alcohol, medication, sports betting/gambling, technology, food, sex, work obsession. Snagov Rehab Center has an all-inclusive accommodation capacity for 11 people, being functional non-stop.

The center is in a modern villa, in a courtyard with green space with an area of ​​2,000 m2. With a harmonious interior design and a natural setting on the shore of Lake Snagov, the center is equipped with all the necessary facilities to free Romanians from addictions. Among the facilities are spaces dedicated to individual and group psychotherapy sessions, comfortable accommodation rooms, spaces for movement and relaxation, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis or football court, a fitness room, a fishing pontoon, and physiotherapy, all designed to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. Snagov Rehab Center services are for people aged 16 to 55, with any addiction and trauma generated by it, for addiction treatment and recovery.

“Unfortunately, there is no center in Romania where people with addictions do not feel dehumanized and considered lost cases, nor with a harmonious environment where they feel safe and confident that they will recover from their addictions. We understood the real need that arose in Romanian society for such a center, which is why we decided to meet the families who are facing this type of problem, the parents who can no longer find solutions to get out of the impasse and to people who have decided that it is time for a real and lasting change in their lives. Behind addictions are often hidden unaddressed and unresolved psycho-emotional problems that over time have degenerated into uncontrolled consumption of harmful substances or harmful habits as the only survival mechanism. Thus, we created Snagov Rehab Center, through which we offer both the treatment approach necessary to get rid of addictions, and a modern accommodation space with all the necessary facilities. We have created an exclusive and confidential environment, with a capacity limited to only 11 places so that everyone can benefit from individualized care”, says Florinela Patica Rațiu, psychotherapist and administrator of the Snagov Rehab Center.

With the help and experience of an entire team, which also includes 4 addiction therapists, as well as specially created services and programs, a real chance with proven results is offered to break out of the vicious circle of addictions. All in a space created to meet the most rigorous requirements in the field, in a setting that offers safety and privacy.

Snagov Rehab Center brings together a team of therapy experts who, through the experience gained in recent years of work and constant interaction with people caught in the trap of addictions, have acquired the necessary know-how to provide quality assistance in this area of ​​expertise.

“The approach to the entire recovery process is one of a holistic, overall nature, which is also the reason why the services offered by Snagov Rehab Center are unique, namely centered on the mind, body and soul equally. Based on these considerations, we have also allocated special time in our programs for physical activity and relaxation: daily exercise (psychosomatic exercises, fitness room, tennis, swimming in the summer season), massage sessions, fishing and last but not least making the beneficiary responsible through self-management. We offer not only the necessary environment for the successful running of recovery programs after addictions, but also the emotional support for each beneficiary on the road to sobriety”, explains psychotherapist Florinela Patica Rațiu.

According to the latest statistics, one in 4 people is affected by mental issues. Furthermore, high-risk mental health conditions and addictions are projected to lead the way in morbidity, surpassing cancer and heart disease.

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