The food & drink from Romania that foreigners struggle to pronounce the most

The most mispronounced Romanian cuisine is Mămăligă while Fetească Neagră is the beverage that people want to know how to pronounce.  WordTips found the top dishes and beverages from every country and then analyzed the number of listens on the pronunciation dictionary Frovo to find which people are searching for the most.
Other findings revealed:
  • Chorizo (chur·ree·zow) is the most mispronounced food of all, counting 22 million listens online.
  • The most mispronounced drink is Rioja (ree·ow·huh), a wine that hails from the Spanish region of the same name. While Spanish speakers will likely pour a glass of rrio·ha, American and British speakers will respectively say ree·ow·huh and ree·ock·uh. It counts 1.4 million listens.
  • The most mispronounced American food is the burger (burr·gr), with 886,000 listens online, and the most mispronounced American drink is bourbon (buh·buhn), counting 64,000 listens.
  • Hummus (huh·muhs), a chickpea-based dip originating from the Middle East, is the most mispronounced food local to five countries, including Iraq and Israel. No doubt contributing to the word’s ambiguity is the fact that it can also be spelled houmous and is widely pronounced hoo·muhs in the UK and elsewhere.
  • The most mispronounced American drink is bourbon, a word with French origins. Though pronounced buh·buhn in the U.S., a British speaker will likely pronounce it as baw·buhn and associate the word more with a type of cookie than a beverage.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    I don’t have trouble pronouncing the words for Romanian cuisine, only digesting it afterwards.