The Greek tourists involved in the bus accident in Pasajul Unirii want to sue the Bucharest authorities

The Greek tourists who were in the bus involved in the accident in Pasajul Unirii in the Romanian Capital want to sue the authorities in Bucharest and the travel agencies, writes the Greek publication

Following the accident, which occurred on Friday, a 53-year-old man died and 21 other tourists were injured.

The coach had set off from Volos and Larissa, with 47 Greek tourists on board who had paid for a Christmas holiday in Bucharest. At the entrance to Pasaj Unirii, the coach hit the height limiter, which crushed the roof of the vehicle and shattered the windows.

“We stopped every two and a half hours or so, depending on where we found the next parking lot, and the break was 20 minutes.    Considering the state of the road, the driver was going slowly, we all understood that”, said one of the bus passengers, Maria Thersiti, writes, citing the Greek publication

Asked if she would take legal action, Thersiti stated: “Certainly, I wish they were all just injured and that person was alive. Unfortunately, there is a person who died and because in Romania there were other accidents in the same place, after we get over everything and after the funeral we will slowly organize to take legal action against both travel agencies, from Volos and Larissa, but also against the Romanian authorities”.

“The bus driver didn’t know exactly where the bus documents were, that’s what he told the passengers sitting in the front,” also said the passenger. She explained that one of the travel agencies contracted the bus and the driver, and the other organized the rest of the trip.


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  • Mr Rearguard

    Good and I hope they win millions! About time Romanian cack handedness was held to account.