The illegal retrocessions case in Timisoara: Hundreds of historical buildings owned by Roma clans

Amid scandal of investigation on the illegal retrocessions of nationalized houses in Timisoara, peaking today with the criminally prosecution of the city mayor Nicolae Robu and one former mayor, old news on Timisoara’s historical buildings largely coming in the gypsy clans’ possession have come to light once again.

It appears that hundreds of historical buildings downtown Timisoara, but also several hospital buildings, ended up in the possession of more Roma clans in the city, following retrocessions carried out through the years. Only one family, Carpaci, owns 144 such properties, most of them uptown.

There are almost 1,000 historical buildings in Timisoara and several hundreds have been bought by the local gypsy clans over the years.

What was the method? Roma people used to buy an apartment in the building, then they would make the families living there to sell their apartments under the market price, by threatening them.

Local media reported that Roma ended up buying the apartment with the help of the public servants in the City Hall, who disclosed them who are the inheritors that were to be given back the historical buildings.

Thus, a good part of the buildings on C.D. Loga street in Timisoara, but on other main streets uptown were bought by gypsy clans.

For instance Carpaci family has 144 such properties; most of them, 37, are owned by Vladimir Carpaci, including the house where it used to be the Lung Ward and the Laboratory of the “Loius Turcanu” hospital for children. The Carpaci clan evicted the hospital wards from this building in 2013, with the City Hall relocating them.

Stancu family also owns 30 historical buildings in Timisoara, including the building that hosted the Medical Oncology Clinic of the Timisoara Local Hospital and Muhle House, built in the 19th century, which is considered one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Timisoara, but which went into decay.

In retort, former mayor Gheorghe Ciuhandu said that there were clerks of the city hall who used to forge documents and that the court laws retroceded the buildings to the former owners or to their heirs and the latters would sell them to the Roma clans.


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