The largest yacht in the world launched from Tulcea

The largest yacht in the world made in Tulcea has just been launched after three years since the project has reached the shipyard.

The 182-metre ship can reach 30kmph and is equipped with a performing navigation system. It will also have cutting-edge research systems on board.

The yacht is designed for the scientific research on the seas and oceans and can host up to 60 people and 30 members of the crew on board, or 36 visitors and and a 54 staff for the luxury expeditions. On autopilot, the yacht can tour 98% of the globe.

The ship is leaving Romania for Norway to be further equipped and after that, in Germany where of it will be launched in 2021.

The yacht is financed by one of the richest people in Norway and it will be used by his family, but also by the researchers around the world, who have already been invited to bid projects.

The cost of its production and of the first three years of research is estimated to half of billion of USD dollars, Digi 24 reports.

The shipyard in Tulcea, southeastern Romania, is also building the hulls for three coast guard vessels that Vard will produce for Norway.

Norway’s Vard, has also chosen Tulcea shipyard to build a cable laying vessel. The contract value, including owner supplied special equipment, amounts to approximately EUR 170 million.

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