The Romanian Army buys the “Soldier of the Future”

The Ministry of National Defense (MApN) wants to buy an integrated hardware-software system for communication, command, orientation and mission management in order to ″digitalize″ the operations of the Romanian infantry troops, as part of an IT development project called ″Soldier of the Future″, reports.

For the time being, the institution has launched a consultation with the players in the field to see which products of this type are available on the market and if they meet the needs of the Romanian Army, how much they cost and what are the terms and conditions of delivery. Afterwards, the organization of a public procurement procedure is considered.

″This solution will be used for the development of the project ″strictly from the perspective of the field of communications and information technology, with applicability at the level of a standard infantry group type structure″, it is mentioned in the consultation documentation, according to the above-mentioned source.

Thus, the integrated system targeted by MApN will include equipment for 9 soldiers, 1 commander and 1 system administrator: smart phones, audio headsets with microphone, control units, mobile video cameras, as well as tablets (only for the commander and administrator).

The system administrator’s tablet will be able to remotely erase the military’s phones, in case of ″loss or theft″. The eventual supply contract to be concluded by MApN will also include training courses, theoretical and practical (in the field), for the soldiers who will use the “Soldier of the Future” system.

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