The Romanian Car Registry closes down 200 car services

The Romanian Car Registry (RAR) has conducted checks to car services across the country. The inspectors checked 655 companies during a month and a half and found that almost a third of them had no operating license, so they closed them down and fined the companies by almost RON 600,000.

200 car services have been closed down, informs.

RAR has suspended the operations of 49 other car services that have not maintained the initial licensing conditions. They will be able to resume their work after 30 days only if they solve the problems for which they were fined, the RAR inspectors have announced.

The sanctions were implemented for carrying out repairs of the running system without having a Technical Authorization, for non-compliance not to conduct final inspections to ensure that the vehicle meets the legal conditions and regulations, for non-compliance with the initial authorization conditions and the absence of warranty certificates issued for the works performed.

RAR draws the attention of car owners to be very careful when they choose the service they are taking their car to for repairs. Inspectors say the market offers that promise quick and cheap repairs are usually a trap because those services do not have the specific technical capability to testify the quality of the repairs.


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