The Sântimbru bread, based on a 300yo recipe, famous across Europe

A 45-year-old bread from Alba, based on a 300-year-old recipe, is getting more and more European recognition. The bread of Sântimbru is a traditional original product made in Alba county, ranking among the nine traditional products of the Sântimbru bakery that received the Agriculture Ministry’s certification.

The bread is called the “Citadel’s Bread” and has a similar shape to the Alba Carolina Fortress in Alba Iulia, a seven-point star, and is the latest promotion product of the city. The Vauban-like impressive fortress, Alba Carolina, is the best preserved and the largest fortress in Romania and in Southeastern Europe.

The Citadel’s Bread is based on a traditional original recipe, is made of flour, water, leaven, yeast, salt and oil and is baked in iron fryers in a brick bakehouse and clay bakestone, just like 100 years ago.

The bread has 40% Romanian soul, 30% local pride, 20% tradition and 10% the ingredients, says website.

According to the Sântimbru bakery manager, Calin Maties, the bread has a 45-year-old tradition and has been taken across Europe, with foreign officials, diplomats, actors, athletes and politicians tasting it.

The Citadel’s Bread has 1.2 kilograms and costs RON 8.

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