The story of Masha, the Ukrainian bear who took refuge at the Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești

Ukrainian residents and volunteers from other countries are trying to save many animals trapped Russian-bombed areas of Ukraine, either in zoos or circuses.

Such a Ukrainian she-bear received her second chance at life, in the Zarnesti sanctuary, after an animal protection association brought her to our country. So far, she has lived in a circus for 22 years.

Masha, a 22-year-old bear, has lived in a cage all her life, in the care of a circus team from Ukraine. It came to the attention of an animal protection association in our country long before the war in Ukraine kicked off and they tried to relocate her to the bear sanctuary in Zărnești, Romania at the beginning of March, but the war prevented the transfer.

“Millions of Friends” Association from Romania managed to bring Masha to our country earlier this week. He traveled 20 hours on the road.

After a night spent on a soft straw bed, finally at shelter and feeling quiet and peaceful after a long 30 hour drive on the Ukraine-Romania route on the way to freedom, Masha has stepped today for the first time in the field hard!
With shy steps at first and more confident then, Masha explored step by step the sand in which she was released and even tried the pool water! AMP Liberarty Sanctuary forest will now be their forever home! Welcome Dear Masha!“, says a Facebook post of the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti.
 “Masha is somewhat a symbol of Ukraine’s refugees because during the war, animals and humans, all creatures, suffer in the same way. She was so scared and stressed and after 20 hours of transport that she swayed on her feet, turned her head to the right and to the left. Fortunately, after a night of rest in the fresh hay, he felt safe and we were able to open the gate the next morning. She saw grass for the first time in her life, stepped on the grass, mirrored herself in the pool, and saw other bears for the first time in her life. But the effects of captivity will haunt her for life,” said Cristina Lapis – founder of the Bear Sanctuary in Zărnești for Digi 24.

Paula Ciotloș – vice-president of the Millions of Friends Association: “It was a time when we almost didn’t hope we could save her. It was quite difficult to bring it down after everything was canceled on March 1 when it was due to come due to the war. She was in an area where there had been no bombing so far, but they were about 40 km away.”

Overall, there are currently 117 bears living in the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti.

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