The third death following the tragedy in Crevedia

One of the injured in the Crevedia explosions died. He was admitted to the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, with extensive burns, which made it impossible to transfer to a hospital abroad. This is the third death following the tragedy in Crevedia.

One of the patients who were injured during the explosions in Crevedia, who was admitted to Floreasca Hospital, died. Authorities say it’s a civilian with burns over 99% of his body. This is the third death following the tragedy in Crevedia, after two husbands died within 13 hours. The man died first. He had a heart attack when he saw how badly his wife was injured. The couple lived in a house near the station where the explosion occurred. Their home was destroyed.

At the Floreasca Hospital, there are two more intubated patients, in serious condition. Also at the Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital there is a Nepali patient with burns on 95% of his body surface. There are still 22 patients admitted in other hospitals. Moreover, 19 of those injured in the explosions have been discharged. As for the 12 patients transferred abroad, five are intubated, in serious but stable condition, doctors say. One of them, a firefighter, could be transferred back to the country.


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