Three American soldiers attending Saber Guardian military exercise hospitalized due to scorching heat

Three American soldiers attending the Saber Guardian military exercise in Romania were admitted to the hospital in Ramnicu Valcea due to some medical problems caused by the heat. Two of them were transferred to Sibiu and the third one to Bucharest.

The manager of the Ramnicu Valcea hospital said that the three soldiers needed medical aid due to the scorching heat and the heavy military equipment on Tuesday evening.

The soldiers were dehydrated, had headaches and bouts of sickness and one of them even fainted. As the patients needed further medical investigations by a scanner, they had to be transferred to other medical units.
There are over 2,500 NATO military in Valcea county, attending the Saber Guardian 17 military exercise hosted by Romania. The soldiers are attending a large exercise to cross the Olt river on a float bridge.

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