Three months of prison with suspension for the man who spat Traian Basescu

Adrian Zglobiu, the man who spat president Traian Basescu in Constanta on May, has been sentenced to three months of jail with suspension. He will serve 40 days of community service. Zglobiu also has to pay RON 2,900 judicial expenses. Yet, the court ruling is not final.

On November 20, Adrian Zglobiu admitted his guilt in front of the court, asking for a community service sentence.

The 39-year-old man is from Constanta and spat president Basescu in the face, in a close attack, when the head of state was getting down “Mircea” brig at the end of a ceremony taking place in Constanta Port on May 24. Zglobiu told the journalists back then that he was annoyed with the patriotic songs played at the ceremony, “played for Basescu”. “After he sold the Romanian fleet, he wants patriotic songs?”, the aggressor argued. Asked if he regretted his move, Zglobiu answered: “I regret I haven’t emigrated from Romania, I regret I was a fool to stay.”

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