Three Romanian high school students won the silver medal at the World Robot Olympiad 2023

Three high school students from the Tudor Vianu National College of Informatics from Bucharest, respectively Victor Teodor Nicola, Andrei Ștefan Ismană and Mihai Adrian Mocanu, won the silver medal at the international robotics competition World Robot Olympiad in Denmark.

218 teams, with over 1200 young people from over 41 countries, participated in the competition which took place between 21-24 September 2023 in Odense, Denmark. From Romania, 11 teams from Bacau, Brașov, Bucharest, Galați and Piatra Neamț participated.

The three students who won the silver were part of the Nerdvana Triangulum team and participated in the Robomission Senior challenge, where all participants had to find the solution by which the robot would help in loading and unloading ships, fueling and piloting at sea.

At this trial, Nerdvana Triangulum competed, consisting of 3 students of the 11th grade from the Tudor Vianu National College of Informatics, Bucharest (Victor Teodor Nicola, Andrei Ștefan Ismană, Mihai Adrian Mocanu), who obtained the Silver medal. Their score (344) was identical to that of the team from Taiwan that obtained the Gold medal, the difference being in the execution time of the program: 15 seconds separated them from the Gold medal,” says a statement by Nerdvana Romania.

The three students have participated in the National Informatics Olympiad since the 5th grade, where they won gold and silver medals. The three Romanian high school students were guided by Nerdvana mentors: Marcela Priboi, Mihai Tuțu and Justin Onișoru.

Most teams in the country have qualified from the Nerdvana educational center. Along with Nerdvana Triangulum, the Nerdvana Scorpio team, made up of 2 students who found a way to express their creativity in the world of robotics, participated in the same category: Maria Alexia Tudorache, 12th grade (National College of Informatics Tudor Vianu, Bucharest ) and Mara Alexandra Coteanu, 10th grade (Gheorghe Șincai National College, Bucharest).

In the Robomission Junior category, Nerdvana Hydra participated, consisting of 2 students passionate about robotics and innovation: Mihea Teodor Stoica, 8th grade (International High School of Informatics, Bucharest) and Andrei Orășanu, 9th grade (Gheorghe National College Sincai, Bucharest).

Within the competition there were 3 types of trials (Robomission Elementary, Robomission Junior and Robomission Senior), each with different challenges.

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