Tomis Archbishopric defends priest prosecuted for child pornography

A priest in Constanta County is prosecuted by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) for child pornography, who allegedly has mounted a surveillance camera in the bathroom, in order to spy on the 16-year-old wife’s sister for three years. The man is also investigated by police after assaulting his wife.

Prosecutors say priest Florinel Apostol, 34, is prosecuted for child pornography, being accused by his wife of placing a surveillance camera in the bathroom to spy his sister-in-law. The prosecutors found the images on his computer following searches, reports.

Constanta Police has confirmed the man is investigated for assaulting his wife.

The two spouses are currently in divorce.

The Tomis Archbishopric comes to the priest’s defence and says that he installed cameras in the entire house, not just in the bathroom, and resorted to this measure as he suspected his wife of adultery and was worried that she would want to hurt him. Moreover, the Archbishopric argues that the priest’s wife is the one who, in fact, has committed child pornography.

The Archbishopric argues it has conducted an internal investigation and says the priest suspected his wife of adultery and placed cameras in the house, not only in the bathroom. He was worried of how his wife will act, being a doctor, he was afraid she might poison him. The camera in the bathroom was meant to watch the medicine cabinet, a release reads. It also reads that he had never intended to watch the minor sister-in-law and that his wife is the one who utilized the images illegally, posting the images on public space after accessing them illegally. The release also reads that, because they were fraudulently obtained, were refused as evidence in the civil lawsuit.

“Thus, the priest’s wife is the one committing child pornography, by publicly posting images with a minor,” the Archbishopric says.

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