Traffic decongestion: problems and solutions

The severity of traffic congestion has increased in Romania in recent decades, according to the latest reports and studies. While the prevention of traffic congestion has advanced recently, many cities still struggle to deal effectively.

Traffic issues

The main causes of traffic congestion include the following:

  • Traffic accidents blocking lanes
  • Difficult weather conditions
  • Traffic jams
  • Road works carried out during the day
  • Peak hours

Traffic creates more problems than just delays. Traffic congestion can cause aggravating problems for truck drivers and the supply chain, slowing CMR transport, resupplying food and other essential goods in communities that do not have many local sources. Overcrowding can also influence the public’s perception of a community. It can deter new businesses and potential residents from moving to the area for fear of constant traffic.

Traffic decongestion solutions

More innovative road design can help direct the overflow of drivers onto side roads, reducing the chance of traffic congestion. Alternative transport infrastructure such as bus lanes, cycle paths and sidewalks can provide alternative travel options to the personal car. Investments in public transport can further expand these options.

Smart road design

One of the easiest ways to improve traffic congestion is to eliminate the problem of too many people trying to travel on any road at once. When the city offers alternative routes to the same destination, this can help reduce the number of vehicles in high-traffic areas. This allows all streets to share the traffic load and reduces the number of drivers waiting in it (eg allowed/forbidden roads for CMR transport trucks).

Another solution is to reduce the number of lanes available to private vehicles in favor of public transport. Changing some open road lanes to bus lanes or even sidewalks can reduce the total number of vehicles on the road, as some potential drivers may opt for another form of transport that is cheaper or suits them better.

Of course, there will always be drivers who need or choose to drive their own vehicles. However, reducing the total number of vehicles on the road by providing other options can reduce the potential for congestion.

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