Transporters’ Associations and ASF Agreement: Reference Rate for RCA on Vehicles over 16 Tons

The leadership of the Financial Supervision Authority and the representatives of the employers’ confederations and the representative federations of road transporters agreed, following the discussions on Wednesday evening, that the RCA policies for vehicles over 16 tons should be concluded at the reference rate in compliance with Law 132/2017, as well as amending the legislation to allow suspension of the policy during the period in which the vehicle is parked for various reasons.

“Following the discussions held last night, attended by ASF President Alexandru Petrescu and Vice President Sorin Mititelu, and by carriers COTAR, APTE, APULUM, UNTRR, FORT, it was agreed that the value of RCA policies for vehicles over 16 tons to be done at the reference rate, according to Law 132 bonus – malus, so that those who will have category B2 – B8 will be able to pay an RCA policy much below the reference rate”, said the president of the Confederation of Operators and Transporters Authorized from Romania (COTAR), Vasile Ştefănescu.

According to Ştefănescu, the discussions will continue in the coming days for all categories of transport, “so as to stop the enormous prices of RCA policies even without justification”.

At the same time, there will be urgently meet the ministries involved to issue the rules for Law 132/2017 regarding the suspension of policies while the vehicle is parked for various reasons. In our opinion and according to all our communications from previous years, these could be solved by the former ASF Council, by the former vice-president of the Insurance sector, Cristian Rosu. It seems that no one will answer civilly or criminally for the bankruptcy/theft of the two insurance companies, the only payer will be the Romanian citizen obliged to buy the RCA policy by Law 132/2017, without having a guarantee of compensation in case of an accident, the only support remaining the courts”, added Ştefănescu.

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