Two American military injured during exercise in Galati

Romanian military doctors to bring wounded persons from Ukraine.

Two American military got injured on Tuesday after parachuting during a joint Romanian-US exercise held at Smardan Polygon in Galati (eastern Romania). They were rushed to the Emergency Military Hospital. First information revealed one of the military suffered a leg fracture, while the other one suffered a spine injury.

During the military exercise 100 American soldiers were parachuted from aircrafts overflying Smardan Polygon during the Phase one of Saber Junction 15 – Early Entry multinational exercise involving airborne Romanian and U.S. troops.

Romanian Defence minister Mircea Dusa and the U.S. Army commander in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges attended the event. Mircea Dusa said this kind of joint military exercises are welcomed, informing there will over 330 exercises scheduled this year.

In the context of the Ukrainian conflict, the Romanian DefMin announced that a team of Romanian military doctors would leave for Ukraine on Wednesday to sort the injured and transport them to the hospitals in Romania.

“For now I am talking about military hospitals for we got this mission of granting humanitarian aid to Ukraine. As our doctors select the injured we’ll arrange their transportation by a military aircraft,” Dusa said.

In his turn, commander Hodges praised the good collaboration between Romanian and American soldiers.

He assessed that security conditions were changing in the Black Sea region, while facing Russia’s “illegal occupation of Crimea”. Hodges also said that it is very important that NATO alliance stays together in order to be able to respond to this aggression, also underlining the importance of these military exercises for “our commitments”.

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