Two Australians who wanted to spend their holiday in Budapest ended up… in Bucharest

An Australian woman planned a holiday in Budapest with her friend, but ended up in Bucharest. Ben Kennedy wanted to surprise his friend Sophie Alice and bought plane tickets, only to mistakenly select “Bucharest” instead of “Budapest” – their dream destination.

The two realized their mistake only when they arrived at the airport and saw that the gate sign read “Bucuresti”.

And while they were in Romania, they thought to take full advantage of this experience. Alice shared many moments from the Romanian escape, presenting on TikTok the cities where the two traveled, the food and even a concert.

Alice, together with her friend, visited numerous tourist attractions in Romania and the Capital. From Bucharest she posted images of the Arch of Triumph, the Old Town, the Palace of the Parliament. The two also visited Bran Castle.

The Australians’ experience, viral on Tik Tok

The video clip of the Australian’s experience became viral on the social media platform, reaching millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Several Tik Tok users added comments to the Tik Toks posted by the woman, mocking the situation or praising Romania.

One user joked with her, saying: “Be careful not to confuse Australia with Austria.”

Another user – Frequent Flyer – assured Alice that she wasn’t missing out on much, saying: “Honestly, Bucharest is nicer than Budapest.”Romania is the most underrated place of all the places I’ve been – there’s so much to do there! Everything happened for a reason,” another user commented.


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