Two dead after the explosions at the LPG station in Crevedia

41 burned are admitted in Romanian hospitals, 12 have been transferred abroad.

Two people died and 58 were seriously injured following several explosions that took place on Saturday evening at a LPG station located on DN 1A, in Crevedia township, Dâmboviţa county. 39 firefighters are among the injured victims. 10 people are in serious condition. Three thousand inhabitants were evacuated from a radius of 800 meters.

The European Civil Protection Mechanism for the transfer of the wounded abroad has been activated, and the first patients have already been transferred to Belgium and Italy. The General Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation, and Raed Arafat declared that the crisis cell would continue to operate as long as needed. From the first investigations, it emerged that the company no longer had authorization from 2020.

The second death after the Crevedia explosions was confirmed today, Raed Arafat said. It is about a woman who was hospitalized in Floreasca and who was the wife of the man who died yesterday after having a heart attack during the explosions Saturday. She had burns on 95% of her body.

Who were the victims?

The victims are husband and wife, who died within 13 hours. The man died first. He had a heart attack when he saw how badly his wife was injured.

The man died after seeing his wife’s injuries. His wife died on Sunday, at Floreasca Hospital. She had burns all over her body.

They lived opposite the LPG station. On Saturday evening, when the explosions occurred, the two husbands, Florica and Lica, were in the house. The woman smelled gas and allegedly called her boyfriend, and while she was talking on the phone she opened the door, according to Antena 3. She allegedly told him that it smelled strange and that she saw something, like steam, and the conversation he broke off suddenly.

The woman was engulfed in flames, and her husband committed a crime, unable to be saved. His wife was taken to “Floreasca” Emergency Hospital in serious condition, where she died on Sunday.

They had two children.


Health Minister Alexandru Rafila announced that there are another 6 patients from Floreasca and 2 patients from Bagdasar Arseni who will be transferred to Austria (AKH and Gratz), Germany and Norway. They will be able to be accompanied by their relatives, who will benefit from consular support and assistance, and the transport expenses will be covered by the Government. Priorities regarding transfers remain mechanically intubated patients, the minister also said. Regarding the balance of transfers, up to this moment, there are 12 transfers: 4 patients already left last night, 5 left on Sunday at 16.00, and 3 more patients will leave at night.

Eight houses burned and another 11 were affected by the explosions in Crevedia. “From the data we have at the moment, 8 houses have burned, and another 11 are affected. Also, we will provide accommodation in the area to all the evacuated families. At the same time, from the first hour, they arrived in Crevedia food and other aid for those who were affected by last night’s fire,” reads a post on the Facebook page of President CJ Dâmboviţa.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu declared, on Sunday, in Crevedia, where he went to visit the LPG station that exploded on Saturday evening, that starting Monday there will be checks at LPG fuel stations, throughout the country, giving the example of Sector 5, where 11 such business would operate without a building permit.

He says that from Monday, all fuel stations, including LPG, will be controlled. “Starting tomorrow, throughout the country, all LPG fuel stations will enter a control system. Moreover, where elements and violations will be found that would lead to loss of human life or endanger people, activities will be closed on the spot. If necessary, we will make legislative changes over the next week so that these things happen without lawsuits and without certain people trying to keep their businesses going, even if they are illegal.”

PSD mayor of Caracal, whose son owns the LPG station, quits the party

Ion Doldurea, the mayor of Caracal, renounces his functions in the PSD and his membership of the party, sources from the leadership of the social democrats told Doldurea’s son, Ionuț, is the owner of the company that owns the LPG station in Crevedia. The mayor himself caused outrage after declaring that the fact that firefighters were injured in the Crevedia explosion “is their problem”.
Doldurea is close to Baron de Olt, Paul Stănescu, general secretary of the party, and it was speculated that this relationship also helped his son in the LPG business.
Marcel Ciolacu was reportedly very disturbed by the involvement of the mayor’s family in the scandal of the Crevedia tragedy, claim the quoted sources, and the measure of self-suspension was not a voluntary one, but an imposed one. However, the mayor of Doldurea, although he loses all his functions in the PSD, remains head of the Caracal town hall.
The son of the mayor of Caracal, who is the owner of the company in Crevedia, was questioned on Saturday evening at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Târgoviște Court.
The GPL station was functioning illegally

The firefighters informed seven state institutions about the irregularities found in 2020 at the Crevedia company. An ISU report drawn up in 2020 indicates the irregularities found at the Crevedia company during the control that took place that year. Firefighters found that the company was using non-approved pumps and the legal distance from houses and power lines was not respected. The situations were reported to seven institutions, according to a document obtained exclusively by Digi24.The main clue of the investigators investigating the explosions in Crevedia is that the first explosion occurred when the company’s employees allegedly moved LPG from one tank to another. This is the main lead in the file in which the prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office are investigating for aggravated negligent destruction, a crime punishable by up to 12 years in prison. It is not excluded that after the conclusion of the on-site investigation, the list of charges will be expanded to include acts of grievous bodily harm, and even manslaughter. Investigators have preliminary information that the former LPG station was closed as early as 3 years ago.

In the summer of 2020, an inspection by the ISU Dâmbovița firefighters showed a series of irregularities. The fire safety permit was then suspended. So, for 3 years the company no longer had a legal authorization.

Prosecutor General Alex Florenta said today in a press conference that the company at whose work point the events took place has 25 points throughout the country and that in Crevedia, the company had a workplace in the yard of which there is also an office building.

“After closing the work site, the yard was declared by the company as a parking lot. There are indications that employees used to transfer LPG from tankers there. On August 26, 4 Nepali employees were staying in the building. Around 8.30, one of the employees went there, there were 2 tankers. Around 18:00 a third tanker arrived, told the employee that he had a problem with the wheel and that he had to transfer the LPG to another tanker. Under unexplained conditions, a source of fire appeared in the gas tank. The employee remarked, they asked the 4 Nepalis to come out and stop the traffic. Meanwhile, the two drivers were there trying to put out the fire. Shortly after, there was a first strong explosion. Within about an hour, different intervention crews arrive on the scene. There is also a second explosion, much stronger than the first,” said the Prosecutor General.

People who lived near the LPG station lost their homes

People who lived or had businesses near the LPG station in Crevedia that exploded said that if they had not left the area in time, they would not have escaped with their lives. They lost their home and money and now they want to get compensation. Residents say tankers were constantly coming in and out of the station’s yard, and the manager said he no longer had a permit after receiving complaints about the smell of gas.

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