Two dead, one person in anaphylactic shock after being attacked by bees in Buzau County

Two people have died and another one was an anaphylactic shock, after they were attacked on Saturday by a swarm of bees that became aggressive as the hives they were transported with overturned in Buzau County.

According to the Buzau Gendarmerie, the crews were asked to intervene, by 112 emergency number, as the bees of an apiary became very aggressive, in the village of Aldeni, Buzau County and attacked three people, two of them have died.

“There stung three people, two of whom have died and one is in anaphylactic shock. The local authorities, SAJ Buzau, beekeepers, Police, gendarmes were at the site to isolate the area and to protect the population,” Buzau Gendarmerie informed.

Buzau County Prefect, Carmen Ichim, said the bees became aggressive after the hives they were transported with overturned.

“They wanted to relocate them, as far as I could understand. At some point, they probably were not well rooted, the apiaries overturned. They wanted to put them in the car and then the bees attacked,” Ichim said.

The Prefect also said that it is not known yet who the owner of bees is.


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