Two freight trains collided in Fetești. Passenger train delays of up to 420 minutes due to storms

A railway accident occurred on Wednesday night in CFR Feteşti Station, following the collision between the locomotive of a running train and another train that was parked. There were no victims, only material damages, informs ISU Ialomiţa. The driver of the freight train that hit another line stationed in Fetești, Ialomița County, was under the influence of alcohol and fell asleep, according to the Minister of Transport, Cătălin Drulă. Also, the system that was supposed to brake the train was not working.

The Bucharest – Constanţa railway line was blocked in the CF Feteşti station, on both directions of traffic, due to the collision of two private freight trains.

Cătălin Drulă explained that the problems on the railway from Wednesday night to Thursday were caused by the storms that affected the traffic in the Bucharest area, to which the collision of two trains in Fetești station was added.

A train full of children was blocked for almost nine hours near Bucharest, at Fundulea.The Mangalia – Arad train was over nine hours late after stopping in the Fundulea area, due to the lack of voltage in the contact line. The train, full of children coming from the camp, left Mangalia at 19.10 and only after 8.30 it arrived at Gara de Nord.

“I want to send a fairly clear signal to these freight operators in the private area, that they can no longer play safely on the railway system. A freight train entered behind another train passing all the signals. From the first information we have on the spot, the automatic safety system that should have stopped the train was not working. An investigation is under way, we expect the first information today. Things weren’t going well with the locomotive driver either,” said minister Cătălin Drulă.

CFR informs that, due to storms in the north, west and center of the country, including Bucharest, passenger trains were delayed by up to 420 minutes.

CFR informs that the passenger trains running to and from the Black Sea seaside have resumed their traffic on the route Bucharest – Constanța, but on the interval between Ovidiu – Fetești – Bărăganu stations, the trains run towed with Diesel locomotives.


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