Two in ten Romanians want to buy a house

Two in ten Romanians want to buy a house. Almost 40 % don’t have another house, so they would be at their first acquisition, while 41% already have a place to live but they just want to relocate. The rest want to buy a residence in order to rent it, reveals a study conducted by during November 12- December 15, 2015 in Bucharest, Ilfov, Timiș, Cluj, Brașov, Iași and Constanța.

40% of those who want to buy a house intend to pay cash, while 60 % say they will resort to a mortgage.

The price remains the most important standard to choose a property, the area ranks second. The place’s comfort, proximity to utilities and the building’s age follow.

In 46.5% cases, the purchased houses will be dwelled by two persons or by three persons (26.6%). Only 11.8% of the respondents admitted they would live alone, while 10.5% said that four or more family members would move in.

Real estate websites are the main information source for those who want to buy a house, but the friends’ recommendations are also weighing a lot. A quarter of the respondents said that real estate agencies represent an important source.

The social media don’t represent such a reliable source yet, with only 10 percent trusting them.

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